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Message from the President

By: Roksana D. Moradi-Brovia
Volume 9, Issue 25: June 2018-cover

The last cdcbaa meeting was a blast - Chapter 7 Trustees Amy Goldman, David Goodrich, Jason Rund, Jeff Golden and Wes Avery shared a ton of interesting "insider'' information to our membership.

  • The trustees routinely review the schedules and statements filed in prior cases
  • The trustees routinely check the ownership history for the property where the debtor currently resides
  • If your case has issues, do not ask for a continued Meeting of Creditors - big red flag!
  • Trustees routinely ask for the underwriting file from a lender to see what was disclosed by the debtor then versus what is in the schedules and statements
  • Do not put "unknown" for a value - better to be low/high than unknown - and $0 does not equal unknown