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From The President

Volume 9, Issue 20: March 2017-cover

cdcbaa’s board of directors has been working hard during the fi rst quarter of 2017. Among other things, the board has coordinated MCLE programs on January 28th (the 11th Annual Review of 9th Circuit Decisions), February 11th (Mediation for Consumer Bankruptcy Cases), and March 18th (Bankruptcy Appeals), donated $2,500 to the 6th Annual Leslie Cohen Law 5K benefi tting Public Counsel’s Debtor Assistance Project, started planning the 2017 Calvin Ashland Awards Dinner (which will be held on November 9th) and selected the honorable Judge Meredith A. Jury to receive this year’s award, and published this newsletter! Our intention is to publish newsletters quarterly.

Our goal of offering remote live streaming video conferencing of cdcbaa’s MCLE programs to members has come to fruition and the initial feedback from participants has been positive. Future MCLE programs will take place on April 29th (Bankruptcy Clerk’s Offi ce Presents) and June 24th (Midland Funding v. Johnson; case review) and others with dates yet to be determined. Many thanks to cdcbaa’s board members for their dedication and hard work!