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We are now accepting payment for 2019 membership. Membership includes up to 8 MCLE seminars at two hours each (including the annual James T. King Symposium), presented by top practitioners from both the creditor and debtor bar, judges, members of the court staff, bankruptcy trustees and other bankruptcy professionals. Courses are specialized and focused on the area of law you practice, work with daily, and live in, with particular emphasis on practicing in the Central District. Also included is one ticket to the annual Calvin Ashland Awards Dinner, remote webinar participation for MCLE programs (when available) and access to the listserv, on which you can discuss the latest bankruptcy issues with knowledgeable and experienced members. Dues for 2019 are $250.

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I hereby apply for membership in the cdcbaa, Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association, a nonprofit association, for calendar year 2019. I understand the basic goals of the organization are to: address issues and concerns which affect consumer bankruptcy attorneys and their clients in the Central District of California; and to provide educational and networking opportunities for attorneys who primarily represent consumer bankruptcy debtors. As a condition of membership, I declare as follows:

1. I am a duly-licensed attorney presently authorized to practice law in the Central District of California; and

2. I am interested in consumer debtor practice; and

3. I support the basic goals of the cdcbaa as outlined above.

I understand the cdcbaa is incorporated as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization and that a portion of my dues will not be deductible as a business expense because cdcbaa advocates within California for legislation on behalf of consumer debtors.

I understand that I am applying for membership which is subject to denial. If I am not approved I will receive a full refund.

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