By: Gary R. Wallace-Program Summary Committee Chair

cdcbaa Holds Third Meeting and MCLE Program of 2023: " MEET THE BANKRUPTCY COURT CLERK’S OFFICE AND THE JUDGES’ CLERKS” 

On March 18, 2023, the CDCBAA held its third members meeting and MCLE program of the year.  The meeting and program were conducted as a live webinar via Zoom video.  The program topic was: MEET THE BANKRUPTCY COURT CLERK’S OFFICE AND THE JUDGES’ CLERKS.”  Our superb panel included Kathy Campbell, Executive Officer/ Clerk of the Court for the Central District; Jeffrey Cozad, Senior Law Clerk to the Hon. Vincent Zurzolo; Benjamin Varela, Chief Deputy of Operations; Wendy Jackson, Operations Supervisor in Riverside, Thais May, Courtroom Deputy to the Hon. Sandra Klein and John Hermann, Chief Deputy of Administration.  Former CDCBAA president and current board member Hale Andrew Antico moderated. What follows are some of the highlights of the seminar.

Mr. Cozad’s presentation focused on the Central Guide, which can be easily accessed from the court’s website under the Rules & Procedures tab.  He engaged the participants in an interactive session in which participants were asked to find answers to certain questions to which the Guide has answers. It was an effective way of getting counsel to become more familiar, and comfortable, with the Guide.

Ms. May offered basic tips for attorneys using the CM/ECF, including an explanation of the proper use of some frequently used e-filing event codes. Ms. May noted that the court’s website provides a URL link to a Quick Reference Guide that contains these event codes along with further details to assist filers who may be unsure as to which code is needed.  This is in addition to the search bar prompt function that is also available to filers.

Mr. Hermann’s presentation focused on remote appearance protocol and etiquette, courtroom technology and live in-person use of the courtroom’s auxiliary lectern technology. Tips for successful zoom video hearing experience were provided, including the benefits of using tiles with profile photos.  Mr. Hermann also discussed the protocol for remote use of live witness testimony and exhibit presentation. He also presented photos of the many courtroom technology improvements that are now (or soon will be) in place, including high-definition courtroom cameras, larger monitors, and newer lecterns, which allow for more space.  

The seminar was interactive: attendees were permitted to ask questions.  As usual, a lengthy and detailed program outline was provided to all registered participants.

The next CDCBAA members meeting and Zoom MCLE program will be held on April 15, 2023.  The topic will be STUDENT LOANS.“  Our speakers will be Hon. Magdalena Reyes Bordeaux | Bankruptcy Judge, Central District of California, Riverside Division; Hon. Martin Barash | Bankruptcy Judge, Central District of California, San Fernando Valley Division; Augustus T. Curtis, Esq. | Trial Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Division, Commercial Litigation Branch; and Christine Kingston, Esq. | Surf City Lawyers, APC.   We hope you will join us.

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